Bill[图片]Bill is the creator of the incredibly successful Body-For-Life Program. He’s been in the industry for... 全文

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《如何开运动处方?》(英文版)[以下帖子售价 3 金币,购买后显示内容] 全文

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IT-Band Syndrome: Cause and SolutionPosted on December 4, 2012[图片]Runners are always sharing stories about their IT-band and how much it hur... 全文

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Must Have Textbooks and Journals for Health and Fitness ProfessionalsPosted on June 4, 2012By: Brian Sutton, MS, MA, NASM-CPT, CES, PESBelow... 全文

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Summary of the ACS Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity[表格]

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Physical Activity and CancerKey PointsPhysical activity is a critical component of energy balance, the term researchers use to describe how ... 全文

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《corrective exercise》(nasm 的讲座课件) [附件]

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《健身教练的知识转化系统回顾》SKysnteomawtic lReevdiewge translation to fitness trainers:A systematic review 文献一篇。[sell=1,money][/sell][附件]

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《Therapeutic Exercise》(2007年版)[sell=4,money][/sell][附件]

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《Exercise Manual》[sell=2,money][/sell][附件]

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《PRE-EXERCISE SCREENING》(澳大利亚2011年最新版)[sell=3,money][/sell][附件]

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Exercise Physiology Related LinksAmerican Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) North Amer... 全文

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Biomechanics Related LinksAmerican Society of Biomechanics www.asb-biomech.orgSociety information, details of conferences etc. and links to ... 全文

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Active Health (ActiveHealth)American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)American Council on Exercise (ACE)American Fitness Institute (AFI)Amer... 全文

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Internal Rotation At FemurFeet turning in or "knock knees."Muscle Imbalances:Tight: lumbar erectors, hamstrings, hip flexors, illi... 全文

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External Rotation At FemurFeet turning out, knees turning out.Muscle Imbalances:Tight: soleus, piriformis, biceps femorisWeak: gluteus maxim... 全文

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Anterior Head CarriageNeck and head extended forwardMuscle Imbalances:Tight: sternocleidomastoid, upper traps, levator scapulaeWeak: middle ... 全文

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